Kyung-seo Ha, chairman of CAISA Group, “Go abroad with your backpack and read the trends”
Kyung-seo Ha, chairman of CAISA Group, “Go abroad with your backpack and read the trends”
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By Jonghwan Lee

Seoul, April 28(World Korean News)= “The cannabis industry is growing new markets globally in various fields, including drugs. But Korea cannot participate in the industry due to regulations. After everything is set, the opportunity given to Korea is gone. You need to read the trends and be proactive.”

Chairman Kyung-seo Ha made the remarks at the National Assembly's World Korean Economic Forum held in the conference room of the National Assembly building on April 7.

The seminar was one of the programs of the Steering Committee of the World Hansang Conference in the spring of 2022. The Overseas Koreans Foundation(Chairman Sung-gon Kim) held a committee meeting on April 6 at the Glad Hotel in front of the National Assembly in Yeouido. At the meeting, Kim Jeom-bae, president of the Oman Korean Association, received a letter of appointment as the president for the 20th World Hansang Conference in Ulsan this fall. Orange County has been selected as the venue for next year's Hansang conference. It is the first time that the World Hansang Conference would be held overseas.

Chairman Kyung-seo Ha attended the Hansang Leading CEO Meeting held with the Steering Committee of the World Hansang Conference and made remarks at a seminar co-hosted by the Overseas Koreans Foundation and the National Assembly's World Korean Economic Forum under the theme of ‘Sustainable Growth Plan in the Post-Corona Era’.

“The cannabis market is worth $25 billion in the United States alone. The global market is growing bigger and faster. As the market grows, Mexico, Uruguay, and Europe are also rapidly entering this field. The industrial structure is being formed from cannabis farms to drugs, food, and distribution.

Chairman Kyung-seo Ha, who met at the hotel the next day, introduced and warned, “If Korea jumps in late, there is nothing to help.” Chairman Kyung-seo Ha runs a group centered on El Salvador, focusing on clothing and textile manufacturing, sewing, and packaging goods manufacturing and distribution. He immigrated with his family when he was 10 years old and grew up in LA. He operated four sewing factories in Los Angeles until his early 30s, but moved to El Salvador when the sewing industry in the U.S. faced a crisis due to the North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA) in 1992.

Currently, he runs packaging goods manufacturers CAISA, sewing companies TEXOPS, APPLE TREE, coffee farms, and marine service companies in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and the United States, and has accelerated international moves by building synthetic fiber manufacturing plants in Honduras and expanding to Vietnam.

“Just as water rots when it accumulates, businesses go bankrupt if it doesn't change”, he said stressing, “You have to read trends and go abroad to do so.”

“The strength of Jews is that they wear backpacks and travel abroad. John F. Kennedy also traveled around Europe with a backpack when he was young. Our young people and businessmen should wear backpacks and see the changing world constantly.”

He emphasized, “We need to give our young people the option of volunteering abroad instead of just joining to the military.”

“The business environment changes rapidly. It's dangerous if you only want safety. Choosing a risk turns into a safety later. We need to challenge to the ‘dung’ and make it into a ‘gold ball.’”

“Nothing ends with Plan A”, he said. “There are various difficulties in the business, so we cannot help but proceed to Plan Z.” He emphasized, “If you choose something comfortable, you will fall easily, and you have to choose something difficult and challenge it.”

He also said, “the Korean government and the National Assembly should make laws 10 years ahead. We need to lay highways so that companies can create new markets. Instead of relying on the taxes that companies pay, we need to make sure that they create a lot of jobs and that taxes come out of them.

he also stressed that young businessmen should also participate in the Hansang Leading CEO meeting, which will be held together with the steering committee of the World Hansang Conference.

“Leading CEO pays $10,000 a year in annual fees. Since some time ago, you have to pay a donation of $100,000. This prevents young people from participating. We need to make it a leading CEO meeting with young entrepreneurs so that successful leading CEOs can mentor young entrepreneurs.“

He also said, “We need to collaborate with young people to read trends. We can develop each other while mentoring. Jews are good at mentoring.”

He emphasized, “We need to make new changes to the Leading CEO meetings so far.” Chairman Ha added he was going to Vietnam this day and then go to LA.

Since 2012, he has been the president of the Korean Association of El Salvador and has built a Korean school building there. He received, in recognition of his contributions, the Pomegranate Medal of the Order of National Merit on the 9th World Korean Day in 2015.

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