Traveling to Mongchontoseong with World Korean Scholarship Students
Traveling to Mongchontoseong with World Korean Scholarship Students
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By Lee Jong-hwan

Seoul, June 29 (World Korean News)= "There was General's Pavilion over here. The Watchtower was high over there." Kim Myung-sook, a cultural commentator who was guiding Mongchontoseong Fortress, stopped at highland of the Olimpic park and explained. General's pavilion is where general or the king commanded the battle, and Watchtower is an observatory in front of the enemy.

At that time, the biggest enemy of Hanseong Baekje was Goguryeo. Relating to it, the remains were also excavated. About 10 underground food storage facilities in the form of lucky bags were excavated from the north gate of Mongchontoseong Fortress.

"The fact that the food storage is gathered means that the soldiers are gathered," she said.

World Korean scholarship students who participated in the Mongchontoseong historical and cultural walk listened to her story. Adults in the neighborhood who were training their physical strength with exercise equipment at the sports park were also surprised and listened to the sound from the speaker.

On the afternoon, the World Korean Scholarship Association held a historical and cultural walk event on Mongchontoseong Fortress ahead of the scholarship award ceremony. Participants were 30 students.

They participated in the event, which ran from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., and walked through the Olympic Park, which was colored with autumn leaves, listening to the history of Hanseong Baekje and Mongchon Saturn.

The cultural commentator introduced that Baekje was divided into Hanseong Baekje period, Woongjin Baekje, and Sabi Baekje. She introduced Mongchontoseong Fortress as a fortress in the mountains during the Baekje period of Hanseong, and Pungnaptoseong Fortress in Pungnap-dong, which is adjacent, is a fortress on flat land.

We first toured the Hanseong Baekje Museum across Mongchontoseong Fortress. On the first floor of the museum, a cross-sectional view of Pungnaptoseong was drawn large on the wall. Underneath it, the process of building the wall to build the fortress was displayed in a sealed model. The students nodded when they realized that Baekje had not only the Gongju and Buyeo periods but also the Hanseong periods along the Han River while listening to the stories of Mongchon and Pungnaptoseong.

We left the museum and looked around the sculptures park. The commentator explained that it is one of the world's top five sculpture parks. She wanted to talk a lot about the works.

Mongchontoseong Fortress was crowded with citizens because it was Sunday. We entered the south gate of Mongchontoseong and crossed the fortress straight to the north gate. On the way, a tombstone was seen, and there was a tomb. In the past, people seemed to think of Mongchontoseong as a mountain or hill.

Looking at this tomb, I remembered what I had heard in a religious lecture long time ago. "At that time, we don't know whether the name of Egypt's sun god was La or Le, so it's controversial now," the professor said. In other words, when the believers disappear, even the name of God is forgotten.

Is history the same? Are enemies and friends changing, and history accumulated, buried, and forgotten over time? I was immersed in this thought, took pictures against the backdrop of silver grass fields, and enjoyed autumn leaves.

** (This translation was sponsored by Dokko Youngsik, the president of the Midwest Korean American Association.)

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